Behind The Thread: Embroidery Master Erich Campbell Shares His Wisdom

If your a decorator, you should talk to Erich Campbell. Why? Because he’s had a passion for embroidery and digitizing since the age of 13 and has tons of knowledge to share. Not only has he written extensively for places like Printwear Magazine,, DecoNetwork,, and Impressions Magazine, but he’s also done tons of interviews, worked lots of shows, and has even done embroidery work for film productions like “Better Call Saul.” An all around great guy, whose genuinely interested in helping people, Erich knows the business inside and out, and we we’re grateful to have had a chance at interviewing him. Watch the video above and find out what you can do to increase your business and improve your relationships with clients.

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Pricing Your Screenprinting Business for Profit: What You Need to Know

Every business owner has faced the challenge of pricing their products and services. It’s a difficult task to find that happy medium between profitability and customer appeal, especially if your company is just starting out. You want to sell your goods at a competitive rate, while staying above your cost margin.

Many companies create pricing matrices that calculate costs for printed Continue reading “Pricing Your Screenprinting Business for Profit: What You Need to Know”

The IND4000 is a Sweatshirt Like No Other.

Independent Trading found a way to make decorators and end-users happy, by creating the perfect hooded sweatshirt. Their most popular style since the company was founded in 1987, the IND4000 was created to meet the high quality needs of the various action sport brands they we’re manufacturing for. It’s popularity comes from combining the durability, longevity and washability of blended fabrics, with the superior printability of 100% cotton. Continue reading “The IND4000 is a Sweatshirt Like No Other.”

American Apparel: The Continuation of an Icon

Over the years,  American Apparel  developed a large following among young adult shoppers in hip up-and-coming neighborhoods, mainly through the rapid expansion of it’s retail stores. Each one was selling everything from t-shirts, to bathing suits & underwear. It tapped into the rebellious nature of the demographic through its edgy and sometimes risqué imagery, which sometimes overshadowed the product, but now, Continue reading “American Apparel: The Continuation of an Icon”

Professional Golf Styles We’re Loving Right Now, and You Should Too

It’s no secret professional golfers are some of the most well-dressed athletes in sports, with thoughtfully curated outfits styled in advance for each day of a tournament. As summer heats up, we’ve selected a few of the driving trends and classics seen sported by pro golfers to add to your inventory. Continue reading “Professional Golf Styles We’re Loving Right Now, and You Should Too”

Leasing vs. Buying Equipment: Which is Better for my Business?

One of the biggest decisions a business owner faces in the custom apparel industry is whether to buy or lease equipment. Investing in pricey machinery can seem risky, especially when the future of your company is on the line.  To help make the decision a little easier, we’ve provided the pros and cons of buying versus leasing equipment. Continue reading “Leasing vs. Buying Equipment: Which is Better for my Business?”