How Decorators Are Adapting to Customer’s New Needs & Purchasing Habits

This session was featured in The S&S Virtual Experience (Feb 2021)

Lots of decorators have seen major shifts in their business, since the arrival of Covid-19. Some of those shifts were forced upon them by the sudden changes in business, which came along with the pandemic, and some were a result of them seizing new opportunities that began popping up.

In the video above, Mark Graham, of commonsku, leads four short 1-on-1 discussions with industry decorators to talk about, how they we’re affected by these shifts, what adjustments they made, opportunities that we’re already coming about, before the pandemic, and how 2020 created other meaningful changes at their company.

Featured Panelists:

Session Takeaways:

“Kitting” is now huge.

One of the biggest changes that occurred last year, was the complete stoppage of in-person events. Companies that would normally have ordered decorated items for their corporate events, trade shows or promotional needs, now suddenly had to rethink how they engaged with their customers and employees.

Lucas Guariglia, CEO at Rowboat Creative, mentions how he tried to find solutions for these businesses by really becoming more of a partner and consultant to them. Doing so gave him and his staff the ability to offer really creative ideas for how these companies could develop a unique at-home unboxing experience, though the use of kits with decorated swag, which really connected with their audience in a more personal way.

“We try immerse ourselves into their (the client’s) company culture…immerse ourselves into what they are trying to get across…For us, it really is becoming part of that company”

Lucas Guariglia, CEO & Co-Founder at Rowboat Creative
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“Turning Your Troubles into Dollar Signs” – SUCCESS STORIES Podcast: Ep. 12 (feat. Mark Graham of Commonsku)

Where a business owner’s journey starts, and where they end up is the topic of today’s Success Stories podcast.

In 1997 Mark Graham founded Rightsleeve, a promotional design agency in Toronto, Canada.  The firm specializes in merchandising aimed at businesses, schools, camps, and organizations.  Mark successfully operated that business for 22 years before selling the company to Genumark in 2019.

Along the way, Mark founded another company, commonsku, which is a trusted CRM, order management, and social collaboration tool for the promotional products industry.

Today’s Success Stories podcast will focus on the origins of Mark’s career, the beginnings of commonsku, and his journey into building it into what it’s become today.

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“Their Favorite Books of Wisdom” – SUCCESS STORIES Podcast: Ep. 10 (feat. Lots of Industry Leaders)

It’s no secret that many people gain tremendous insight and inspiration from reading books. Because many people tend to buy and share their favorite books as holiday presents, on today’s episode of Success Stories, we’ve asked a wide array of industry leaders to give us their favorite tips and recommendations for books that they have enjoyed this year.

We’ve asked a wide array of industry leaders to share their favorite book recommendations with us, to help you get inspired going into the new year. You’ll hear from:

  • Mark Graham
  • Charity Gibson
  • Roger Burnett
  • Jay Busselle
  • Tom Rauen
  • Jeff Solomon
  • Brian Rainey
  • Mark Kapczynski
  • Mark Coudray
  • Nate Leber
  • Shawn LaFave
  • and of course, Marshall himself

You’ll also hear from some of our staff, here at S&S, because we love books too! Whether you’re looking for a new book to give you an edge over the competition, or trying to find the perfect gift for your staff, we’ve got you covered in this special episode.

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