Specialty Ink Basics: Setting Your Screenprinting Business Apart From Competitors

In a competitive screenprinting market, it’s vital for your print shop to continually find areas where niche skills can be added to help set your business apart. One way to catch the eyes of potential customers is by dazzling them with specialty inks. Before you cringe (we know, special inks can be hard to work with), specialty inks can bring a lot of value to your business, create awesome designs, and you can (and should!) charge premium pricing for the services. To help get you started, we’ve listed three Continue reading “Specialty Ink Basics: Setting Your Screenprinting Business Apart From Competitors”

5 Strategies to Prepare for the Slow Winter Season

While many companies prepare for the onslaught of rushed holiday orders and increased sales, the custom apparel industry tends to cool down with the weather. Students are home for break, people get busy with the holidays and production usually falls to the wayside. Have no fear, winter isn’t coming just yet (no need to brace yourselves, GOT fans). You still have a few months to prepare for the slow months ahead. We’ve listed five strategies to make sure your printing business can continue to press on in the future. Continue reading “5 Strategies to Prepare for the Slow Winter Season”

5 Ways to Enhance the Digital Customer Experience

As a business owner, it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day ground operations. Often our brains are stuck on all of the high-level deliverables, like making sure orders have been shipped on time or ensuring finances are on track to meet the monthly overhead costs. In this digital age however, it’s equally important to examine the digital customer experience and how your consumers are interacting with your brand on the web and across social media. Smooth business operations combined with a positive digital customer experience can make you stand out from competitors and gain a loyal following. We’ve compiled five ways your brand can enhance the digital customer experience below. Continue reading “5 Ways to Enhance the Digital Customer Experience”

The IND4000 is a Sweatshirt Like No Other.

Independent Trading found a way to make decorators and end-users happy, by creating the perfect hooded sweatshirt. Their most popular style since the company was founded in 1987, the IND4000 was created to meet the high quality needs of the various action sport brands they we’re manufacturing for. It’s popularity comes from combining the durability, longevity and washability of blended fabrics, with the superior printability of 100% cotton. Continue reading “The IND4000 is a Sweatshirt Like No Other.”

American Apparel: The Continuation of an Icon

Over the years,  American Apparel  developed a large following among young adult shoppers in hip up-and-coming neighborhoods, mainly through the rapid expansion of it’s retail stores. Each one was selling everything from t-shirts, to bathing suits & underwear. It tapped into the rebellious nature of the demographic through its edgy and sometimes risqué imagery, which sometimes overshadowed the product, but now, Continue reading “American Apparel: The Continuation of an Icon”

A PERFECT MATCH: Upsell w/ Apparel & Accessory Pairings

When customers come to you for apparel, it’s the perfect opportunity to
upsell – if you know what to offer. Think beyond apparel products and
consider their end-use, so you can pitch the perfect pairings of apparel
and add-on accessories. Let’s show you how it’s done!

If They’re Looking For Athleisure…

Product plus Accessories layout2
MORE INFO: W5019S22042MT0301A62791241AODM

Performance gear is especially popular with gyms, sports clubs and fitness studios, although the corporate world is hopping on the athleisure train as well.

Sell This: Leggings, tank tops, hoodies
Add This: Headwear like headbands and caps
Why? Get your customers’ brand out on the road by pitching everything
fitness enthusiasts need to exercise outdoors. Continue reading “A PERFECT MATCH: Upsell w/ Apparel & Accessory Pairings”

What Makes Bella + Canvas Airlume Cotton So Different?

What makes BELLA+CANVAS T-shirts so Soft? from BELLA+CANVAS on Vimeo.

Bella + Canvas goes through A LOT of trouble to make the softest cotton fabric possible. 25-30% of the cotton during the manufacturing process is combed out to eliminate impurities in the fabric. Lots of manufacturers would put that inferior cotton back into batch during the spinning process, but Bella + Canvas keeps it out.

Only “long-stapled” cotton (long cotton fibers) is used, which greatly reduces stray fibers and creates a smoother surface and much softer feel.

The Airlume process also creates a much tighter and even knit across the surface of the fabric, making it ideal for screenprinting. Why? A tighter weave and less stray fibers means there is more surface area for ink to be placed, giving your customers a much more detailed and cleaner print.


You didn’t think we would stop with Texas did you? We won’t stop until we get as many of our customers access to 1-DAY SHIPPING, as possible. In SPRING 2018, we’re opening up shop in Atlanta and bringing THE BEST in apparel to within a 1-day ship of FL, AL, GA, NC, SC, and TN.