If you’re a successful contract decorator, you know that you don’t sell ink or thread on cotton…what you sell is Trust with a capital ‘T’.

One shop in Connecticut has found a higher level of success by generating trust through hard work, creativity, getting the job done, and simply being their authentic selves.  

On today’s Success Stories podcast, we’ll speak with Monica Maglaris with Liberty Print Co about what it takes to be successful as a Certified Women-Owned and LGBT company, in this highly competitive industry. Also, find out how to get certified and how it could benefit your business.

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2 thoughts on ““Be Your Authentic True Self.” SUCCESS STORIES Podcast: Ep. 18 (feat. Monica Maglaris)

  1. What does it matter that you’re Women Owned or LGBT? I don’t go around and tout that I’m a successful mother owned/wife owned business. Take the politics and race out of business! Customers don’t care. They just want their orders done with someone they trust and gets the job done with high quality.

    1. Kelly clearly you didn’t listen to the entire podcast otherwise you’d know WHY it’s so important to identify yourself as a woman owned, lgbt owned business or even a Veteran owned business. Maybe it’s not important to you, but please don’t shame other people for owning who they are and what they are; and incorporating that into the success of their business. Everyone’s story matters including yours….and apparently politics/government thinks so too.

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