While we all try to weather this storm that’s spread all across the globe, many businesses are trying to adapt to a new way of operating. For some employees and employers, this change has been extremely challenging, and this is where you come in. Although business has slowed for many distributors, and many companies have begun cutting back on their normal expenses to compensate for recent losses, there are still opportunities out there to generate some sales. But of all things, why would they buy any apparel from you, during a time like this?

Care Packages for Employees

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Some of your regular clients might appreciate some ideas to help lift their employees spirits and make them feel more comfortable, as the workplace has started transitioning from the office to the home. Suggest that they send them some decorated loungewear, as a way to say thank you for keeping their heads up during these trying times. And, let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love a comfortable new set of jammies?

To help you get started with marketing some pieces, we’ve included a flyer for you to download below. Send this out to some of your clients to get the conversations started.

Give Them A Discount

Some of these clients might not be able to spend the extra money to give their employees this kind of gift. However, a lot of people right now are trying to find ways of supporting local business too. If you’re able, try meeting them halfway and offer them a discount on their order. This will not only show them that you’re invested in their business, but also offer them a way they can help you stay afloat too, during this tough economic time.

Get Inspired

For some more “Work From Home” inspiration, visit: https://promo.ssactivewear.com/work-from-home

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4 thoughts on “A “WFH Care Package” Cure For Slow Business

  1. Very interesting, taking a look at this from a different perspective. Thanks
    Roger White

  2. Can you share if these are tested and working methods or are they ideas only? Either way this is appreciated, but I would like to know if this is “actually” working for your clients or if you’re just Spitballing? Again, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trashing your idea here, I’m just asking if you have working examples of where your customers are using this method and it’s working for them?

    1. Hi Darren, thanks for reading our article! This one in particular was an idea that we came up with internally, so there aren’t any case studies on this yet. We thought it might be a good angle to try with some clients. There’s a lot of news around the country about people trying to help out their local businesses and I think if the B2B world works together like this, it could help strengthen relationships with clients moving forward. We’ll be keeping an ear out for any other things people in the industry are doing to stay afloat, and will share that info, if it comes our way.

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