Not all of us are going to be blessed with the athletic ability to play center field for the New York Yankees; however, we can dress the part thanks to the baseball cap. Baseball culture has filtered into many aspects of everyday life — from catchy sayings like “teamwork makes the dream work” — to our daily fashion choices. Baseball shoes, jerseys and caps adorn the streets of cities worldwide, but the cap, in particular, is a more popular way for both men and women to showcase their love for their favorite team or simply make a fashion statement.

Why the Baseball Cap?

Epic Sports makes a good point. The baseball cap is a big part of American culture, because of how versatile it is. It can be worn forward or backward. It shows off logos that aren’t restricted to baseball alone. But most importantly, it also helps shield your eyes from the sun, which is arguably, why it was invented for baseball players.

The Cap’s History

Speaking of New York, there was a baseball team back in 1849 called, the Knickerbockers, who were the first ones to start wearing straw caps on their heads, while they played. This was potentially the first version of the lid we now know and love. Merino wool caps came onto the scene shortly after, becoming a closer version of today’s cap. Players started to experiment with various versions, and the uniform cap adorning the team logo showed up early in the 1900s with the Detroit Tigers. Epic Sports says the stitched bill started in 1903 with sporting goods company Spaulding.

Image: Baseball Hall of Fame

Following thereafter, were the St. Louis Browns’ two-toned bill, and the Washington Nationals’ navy blue bill with white trim.

Image: Pinterest

Then the pillbox cap of 1905 came, which has been revived in today’s world, as seen periodically with modern-day baseball teams.

The popular headwear company, New Era, popularized the “59Fifty” in 1954, which is perhaps the closest to the modern-day cap there is. It became the official cap of Major League Baseball, according to Epic Sports, and it’s definitely made its way into the 2000s as a street look. 

Current Cap Trends

We’ve turned the corner on 2020, but for the past few decades, the baseball cap has made its way into hip-hop culture, arguably one of the main reasons for the fitted baseball cap’s visibility on the street. Additionally, Hat Heaven notes that there are four main trends in the cap category that have taken off, particularly in this past year’s fashion scene. 

Fashion Caps

A white and black hat

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Yupoong – Classics™ Melton Wool Blend Snapback Cap – 6689

These caps are minimalist in design and made with premium fabrics, like wool, which give them more of a high-end, yet throwback look.


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Adidas – Performance Relaxed Cap – A605

The sports cap is a great look for ladies, who want a sporty cap to complete a workout look or for functional purposes.

The Dad Hat

A blue hat

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Champion – Washed-Twill Dad’s Cap – CS4000

Casual dads can recover from a lame joke by wearing a casual cap that conveys tradition 

The Flat Bill Snapback 

A blue hat

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Flexfit – 110® Flat Bill Snapback Cap – 110F

Snapbacks have become the go-to cap for most people these days, especially those in the hip-hop community. They’re simple, clean and can be found in almost any color you’ll need to match your outfit.

The great thing about the baseball cap is there truly is no one-style-fits-all. Young and old, men and women (and even some animals) can pull off the cap look, turning any random street look into our very own personal field of dreams.

What’s your favorite cap style? Let us know in the comments below!

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