Specialty Ink Basics: Setting Your Screenprinting Business Apart From Competitors

In a competitive screenprinting market, it’s vital for your print shop to continually find areas where niche skills can be added to help set your business apart. One way to catch the eyes of potential customers is by dazzling them with specialty inks. Before you cringe (we know, special inks can be hard to work with), specialty inks can bring a lot of value to your business, create awesome designs, and you can (and should!) charge premium pricing for the services. To help get you started, we’ve listed three Continue reading “Specialty Ink Basics: Setting Your Screenprinting Business Apart From Competitors”

Beginner’s Guide to Screenprinting Children’s Apparel

Research has shown that the children’s apparel industry is booming, and honestly, we’re not surprised. Custom bibs and hats are adorable gifts for baby showers, and thanks to social media, matching “parent-child” tees have become extremely popular. In 2016, global sales for children’s apparel and footwear outperformed adult fashion sales by experiencing a total value growth of 5% to reach $203.4 billion! Last year, childrenswear outpaced womenswear and menswear in retail value growth again. In simpler terms – children’s apparel is on the rise.  

However, before you dive head first into adding custom childrenswear to your screenprinting services, there are important regulations and best practices your business should follow.  Continue reading “Beginner’s Guide to Screenprinting Children’s Apparel”

Why Celebrities are wearing Alternative Apparel®?

(CLOCKWISE: Ryan Reynolds wears the Eco-Jersey Crew T-Shirt in Men’s Health; Taylor Lautner sports a 3/4-sleeve tee (photo via Eonline.com); Chris Pratt in his Perfect Pima Cotton V-Neck on Ellen (photo via JustJared.com).

With fame and fortune, comes great responsibility. Many celebrities see that they have the ability to affect the world in ways that can make a difference, so they’re constantly getting involved with causes they believe in.

Whether its Matt Damon helping to give families around the world access to clean waterLeonardo DiCaprio speaking out on preventing climate change and funding conservation projects through his foundation, or Jessica Alba founding the Honest Company to provide moms with natural and eco-friendly products for babies, celebrities have become leaders in helping to change the world. And because of that, they love to be “Responsibly Fashionable.”

Alternative Apparel provides them exactly the kind of gear they can feel good about wearing, and they’ve been spotted wearing the brand on talk shows, editorials and magazine covers. Sustainability and responsibility are in the forefront of their mind, as the company uses biodegradable packaging, recycled/organic fabrics and operates in WRAP Certified factories.

Hollywood’s finest recognizes the importance of supporting companies and organizations that are in-line with their fundamental beliefs. So when they’re looking for something to wear, they look to responsible brands like Alternative Apparel.


5 Strategies to Prepare for the Slow Winter Season

While many companies prepare for the onslaught of rushed holiday orders and increased sales, the custom apparel industry tends to cool down with the weather. Students are home for break, people get busy with the holidays and production usually falls to the wayside. Have no fear, winter isn’t coming just yet (no need to brace yourselves, GOT fans). You still have a few months to prepare for the slow months ahead. We’ve listed five strategies to make sure your printing business can continue to press on in the future. Continue reading “5 Strategies to Prepare for the Slow Winter Season”