Leasing vs. Buying Equipment: Which is Better for my Business?

One of the biggest decisions a business owner faces in the custom apparel industry is whether to buy or lease equipment. Investing in pricey machinery can seem risky, especially when the future of your company is on the line.  To help make the decision a little easier, we’ve provided the pros and cons of buying versus leasing equipment. Continue reading “Leasing vs. Buying Equipment: Which is Better for my Business?”

A PERFECT MATCH: Upsell w/ Apparel & Accessory Pairings

When customers come to you for apparel, it’s the perfect opportunity to
upsell – if you know what to offer. Think beyond apparel products and
consider their end-use, so you can pitch the perfect pairings of apparel
and add-on accessories. Let’s show you how it’s done!

If They’re Looking For Athleisure…

Product plus Accessories layout2
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Performance gear is especially popular with gyms, sports clubs and fitness studios, although the corporate world is hopping on the athleisure train as well.

Sell This: Leggings, tank tops, hoodies
Add This: Headwear like headbands and caps
Why? Get your customers’ brand out on the road by pitching everything
fitness enthusiasts need to exercise outdoors. Continue reading “A PERFECT MATCH: Upsell w/ Apparel & Accessory Pairings”