The Road To 30 Years of S&S

Owners Jeff Adams and Paul Rohr take a stroll down memory lane, and tell the story of how S&S became the company it is today. “It’s fun to see how we have grown into 6 locations and what we started from,” says Rohr. See photos showing of the beginnings of S&S and hear how the owners developed a company culture you know and love to work with. “We wanted people that we’re coming to work Monday, charged up; ready to go, and happy about their environment,” says Adams.

Special thanks to all the loyal customers and vendors who have supported us over the years! Without you, S&S wouldn’t be where it is today, and this story wouldn’t be possible.

What is Hanes “Just My Size?”

You might be wondering what the new “Just My Size” line by Hanes is all about, and we’re here to tell you.
Hanes saw that the amount of good fashionable options for curvy females available in the embellishment community was very limited. So, they took the initiative and created a collection of better-fitting t-shirts catered specifically for these women.

Just My Size styles have an A-Line shape, longer length cut, custom fit necklines, and very flattering curves. Sometimes your clients may get so caught up in just ordering a bunch of tees and tanks, that they don’t even think about asking if options like this are available. Let them know you have flattering curvy options, with Just My Size and they’ll keep it in mind for their next orders.

Beginner’s Guide on How to Avoid Copyright Infringement

With the rise of viral street art, pop art and popular inspirational slogans – it’s not surprising that 64 percent of professionals had work stolen over 200 times in 2016. Knowing whether a design includes copyrighted material could mean the difference between success and a lawsuit.

Unfortunately, there’s no one site that houses every protected image or vector for you to check before you start printing. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to navigate.

How to Tell if Something Is Copyrighted

As a basic guideline, any work published after Jan. 1, 1978, is automatically copyrighted from creation to 70 years after the artist’s death. Anything published before Jan. 1, 1978, was required to be registered with the Copyright Office, and includes a notice of copyright © on the work. Here’s what that means:  Continue reading “Beginner’s Guide on How to Avoid Copyright Infringement”