“BEHIND THE INK” w/ Greg Gaardbo

“What I think makes our business successful is CREATIVITY, Number 1.” says Greg Gaardbo, owner of Shockwaves Promotional Apparel. His creativity and ability to think outside the box has helped him build a business that’s continued growing for over 23 years. We sat down with him at his shop, located just outside of Chicago, to find out how he got started, what his inspirations are, and what’s made him so successful. One thing is for sure. He has a thirst for creativity, dabbling in screen printing, embroidery, laser cutting, sublimation, drawing and even woodworking. AND…. that’s not all. In his SPARE time, Greg and his wife, Kristina, run an award winning Texas BBQ restaurant, named the Chicago Culinary Kitchen, on the weekends. This place serves up some tasty BBQ that’s so good, it’s even been featured on The Cooking Channel. A man of many talents, Greg definitely has the recipe for success.

BONUS FOOTAGE: See this dynamic duo talk about their delicious BBQ!